Cruiser 402AC/DC

Cruiser 402AC/DC is an advanced technology Three Phase Inverter Power Source for TIG AC and DC welding.
TIG AC functions are ideal for aluminum, magnesium and related alloys welding, while mild steel, stainless steel and copper can be easily welded in TIG DC.


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Cruiser 322AC-402AC-502ACDC-PP (EN).pdf WECO CU-09 (EN).pdf CE Cruiser 402AC/DC CE CU-09



Cruiser 322AC-402AC-502ACDC-PP (NL).pdf WECO CU-09 (NL).pdf CE Cruiser 402AC/DC CE CU-09
3x400Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz
50% 60% 100% 50% 60% 100%
400A 380A 340A 400A 370A 340A
5A – 400A 10A – 400A
18,4kVA – 16,8kW
690 x 290 x 450mm







W-Eco Technology Inside


Funzioni Speciali

Special Functions

Fonctions Spéciales

Funciones Especiales




Cruiser 402AC/DC Synergic is a professional synergic 3 Phase Inverter Power Source (340A 100% at 40°C) with separated wire feeder for MIG-MAG welding. MMA, TIG AC/DC HF and ARC AIR cutting and gouging processes are also available. A wide range of MIG-MAG synergic programs facilitate the selection of precise welding parameters using any welding wires. Cruiser 402AC/DC Synergic power source can be easily moved on difficult working areas thanks to robust designed M-trolley. MMA, ARC AIR and MIG-MAG processes are directly selectable on the wire feeder. Microprocessor, inverter technology, digital displays, synergic curves and memory locations for customized welding parameters assure complete welding process repeatability. Innovative WECO unique HAC (Hybrid Arc Control) supplies a soft and very stable MIG-MAG arc with excellent weld bead quality and minimal spattering in any working conditions. Weco Special HF control provides100% rapid and precise arc ignition.

The AC welding is here optimized thanks to:
the synergic arch ignition can be adjusted from the front panel by the calibration of the tungsten electrode’s diameter.
The EXTRA FUSION function allows to shift the waveform towards the negative part with respect to zero. This makes it possible to create a highly penetrative and precise fusion bath, so that very light gauge sheets can be welded with an electrode tip comparable to that of an electrode for DC- TIG welding.
The MIX AC-DC wave allows to combine the efficacy of AC TIG welding with the high penetration of DC TIG welding, thus obtaining high welding speed and creating the weld puddle rapidly on a cold work piece. It is also possible to weld heavier aluminium gauges with lower amperage compared to standard AC/DC TIG welding.
The PULSE AC/DC welding is besides useful when welding for long time, in order to reduce the deformation on the base material.

The DC welding is here optimized thanks to:
TIG PULS up to 2,5 Khz and TIG PULS SYN (Synergic)
– The Dynamic Arc (DYNarc) function which ensures an enhanced welding penetration, a better stability of the arc, avoiding any gluing between electrode and base metal; it allows to adjust the welding arc, just through slight torch’s movements, at any welding conditions.
– The Q-Start function, makes the sheet tacking easier and minimize the time for it at the beginning of the welding process.
– The Multi-Tack function, allows to minimize the heat output during the welding process and reduces the base material’s oxidation. This function permits often to avoid the post welding acid-treatments.
– The Q-Spot function, permits to carry out very easily and precisely the sheet tacking operation, with minimum heat output and sheet deformation. It allows the positioning of the electrode on the exact tacking spot.