Special Function

Sometimes when it is not possible to keep the Stick out constant a series of defects can occur on the joint, such as:

      LACK OF FUSION IN WELDMENT                              NOT CONSTANT PENETRATION                                     IRREGULARITY IN WELDED JOINTS

The penetration is depending most of the times from current intensity. As a result of this at each current variation corresponds a penetration change.


As for this reason Weco has developed the function K-deep, conceived in order to keep even the penetration during welding, independently from stick out variations.






The K-Deep function adjusts dynamically and simultaneously, during welding, both wire speed and pulse current parameters. It is possible, thanks to this function, to keep controlled, in different operating conditions, both the transfer and the heat-input on the welding pool.


The K-Deep function is exclusively available on the Weco Power sources Power Pulse 405 d and 505 d and can be activated only from the synergic impulse programs mode HC (High Control). As for this, it is possible to integrate the advantages of the HC programs such as high deposition rate, excellent arc stability and penetration to the additional advantages supplied with the further K-deep performances





The end result is an optimal combination of features able to perform high quality welding characterized by regular weldment dimensions, constant penetration and reduced joints ‘defects. Safety weldments are here guaranteed also by Stick-out changes.





The effectiveness of the function K-Deep together with the advantages of the HC Process, such as high deposition rate, excellent arc stability and increased welding speed, allow to reach a final result simply perfect.




HC STANDARD                                                                   HC K DEEP



start: 239A      Wire speed 16,0 m/min                                                                            start: 243A        Wire speed 16,0 m/min
end: 187A        Wire speed 16,0 m/min                                                                            end: 218A         Wire speed 19,6 m/min

_________________________                                                                                        _________________________       

Penetration reduction 30%                                                                               Penetration reduction 4%





 Download firmware (Power Pulse Digital) FW 1.0.3-6207