A solid industrial activity, where the production is based on substantial investments for the supporting of research, projection and continuous testing.

Since 1997 Weco has been producing and selling welding machines. Both registered office and production plant are based on the north east of Italy. Our offices, technical/project department, production and warehouse are able to serve both our national and international sales net. A wide range of welding machines together with a huge stock, allow us to encounter and fully satisfy our customers’ requests in short time.

A dynamic management supported by solid experience on the main sales’ arguments and a deep knowledge on the application issues, allow this company to be ahead in the welding sector.
WECO means better solution for improving the production, optimizing the intervention time, minimizing the processes’ costs, with the highest perform-standards granted.

Weco pays great attention to environmental sustainability and to energy saving in order to minimize the impact of its products and services on the environment. From a technical point of view Weco is steadily improving its solutions, by applying always new technologies

W.Eco Technology Inside

Weco PFC

as a consequence of this it offers welding characteristics able to optimise the consumption of electricity from the mains.
With a view to sustainable development, Weco srl is entered also into the alternative, renewable energies’ market by investing in the creation of an innovative start-up: Delios Srl is focused on the design and production of photovoltaic inverters with storage system and integrated management of the energy from the sun. For more infos just visit the webpage www.delios-srl.it